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Main » 2013 » August » 21 » Hero 5 year warranty
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Hero 5 year warranty


Scope Of warranty

Hero MotoCorp Ltd. Warrants all its vehicles, assembled I manufactured at its various Plants and sold through its Authorised dealers, to comply with emission standards as specified in S.No. 3 of table in item(i) ofsub rule (2) of Rule 115 of Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989, which stipulates that Idle CO (Carbon monoxide) emission limit for all two and three wheeled petroldriven vehicles shall not exceed 3.5 percent by volume and HC (Hydro Carbon) 4500 ppm,subject to following terms & conditions.

Terms & Conditions

The emission warranty shall be applicable in India and shall remain valid for a period of 3 years or 30000 kms, whichever occurs earlier, from the date of vehicle purchase.

In case any defect is observed in any emission-related component, Hero MotoCorp's only obligation /liability shall be to repair and I or replace those part (s) which is/are considered to be the cause of non-compliance with the emission standards.

The emission warranty shall be applicable only to those vehicles, which are being regularly maintained at Hero MotoCorp Authorised Dealers I Service Points in accordance with the maintenance schedule provided inthe owner's manual.

The customer should follow the recommended parts replacement as per the maintenance schedule in order to availthe emission warranty.

If any part (s) related to emission characteristics of the vehicles isI are tampered andI or repaired by unauthorised person/workshops etc, then the emission warranty shall stand cancelled.

Any part (s) suffering wear and tear under the normal course of running shall not be covered under the emission warranty.Therefore,all such parts should be replaced by the customer from time to time, on payment basis, as per the maintenance schedule provided inowner's manualand dealer's advice.

It is mandatory to avail the free I paid services as per the recommended schedule to be eligible for the emission warranty benefits.Please ensure that each paid service is availed within 90 days from the date of previous services or as per the recommended schedule, whichever is earlier. All service details should be completely filled by the dealer,inthe Service Record Sheet givenin the owner's manual.

It is mandatory to obtain a PUC certificate from the Authorised PUC center. In case of non-compliance with the emission standards please contact the Authorised dealer immediately alongwith the previous OK certificate,for the necessary rectification.The manufacturer or the dealer is not responsible for any penalty levied on you on account of non-compliance withthe emission standards.

All decisions regarding emission warranty settlement shall be taken by Hero MotoCorp
Ltd.and shall be final binding on all concerned.

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